Re-evaluating Your Needs

By: Sherry Baker

Re-evaluating Your Needs

Many people including me are working more from home and some people are not going to the
office at all anymore.  
The pandemic has set us all on a re-evaluation journey. Re-evaluating our lifestyle, our needs and how we spend our time, and where we want to live.  We are all doing “life” differently.  For example, I used to go to the office each day and drop into the grocery store on my way home a few times a week.   Now, I work from home (mostly) and only shop once a week.  Honestly, it’s been great!    No more wandering around the grocery store deciding what to make for dinner!  This is just a small example of the changes we are all facing and decisions on how to adapt during these times.
The pandemic has reshaped the meaning of home too. At the beginning of the pandemic, during the lockdown, families began to evaluate the functionality of their physical home space.
With social distancing measures still in place and spending more time than ever at home, are you considering moving to better suit your current needs? Do you and your partner both need an office space to work from home? Are your children in need of dedicated space for homeschooling?  Perhaps you require a larger pantry and kitchen for preparing more meals at home?  How about outdoor and recreational space?  Or do you simply want to move from your current location or city?

It’s remarkable how many people are pondering the same questions as they consider how to make this ‘new normal’ as comfortable as possible. People are increasingly putting more importance on health, safety and lifestyle rather than material objects.  As a result, changing lifestyles is sparking relocations.  With people working from home, retiring earlier, homeschooling and other lifestyle changes, a change in location is making more and more sense.

And the allure of Whistler seems to be a hot trend. As you weigh your options, perhaps it’s time to explore solutions with your real estate advisor or search Whistler listings at
Intangibles are the new luxury making  biggest surprise since the Pandemic hit is the luxury market sales volume increase.   Inman News wrote about the Wealth trends shaping real estate today.  
Read the article here.

There are 3 new types of trailblazers emerging and moving wealth out of major centers right now. 

EXPLORERS - Explorers are moving to “hidden gem” locations — like exurbs,  prosperous small towns and far-away communities— where their dollar carries them further. Explorers tend to be younger, more active and have a lower net worth.  Explorers come to Whistler for the adventure, outdoor activities, sports and nightlife.  With real estate investments in the price range of 650K to 2M.
NEW SUBURBANITES  -  New suburbanites are leading a revival of the suburbs, as they look for more space, property amenities and good schools. Although some can be younger, most are  slightly older than explorers, with school-aged children and net worth falling between $3 million and $5 million.   New suburnbanites are moving to Whistler for a sense of community, and the opportunity to live in a small vibrant town full of adventure and culture.  Their real estate investments are typically 2M plus.
RESORTERS - Resorters are those flocking to their favorite vacation spots. They might be either permanently relocating to these areas or temporarily converting seasonal homes into primary residences. They are often in a higher wealth bracket 5+ million and over.   Many are retired or planning for retirement.  Resorters are looking for places to gather their families with enough space for everyone to be comfortable.  They are excited to play with the growing families in the beauty of the Resort Municipality of Whistler and share their mountain lifestyle.  Their real estate investments are typically 4M+.
With shifts in travel plans and spending habits, budgets are changing making buying or upgrading your home a viable option. A desire to call Whistler home is a strong draw for people right now.
If this resonates, I’d love to explore your current situation with you.  Whether you own or rent, live in Whistler or elsewhere, having the RE/MAX family of agents worldwide on your team will help guide your decisions.  As a starting point, I’d be happy to provide you with a comparative market analysis.  Together we can help you determine what Whistler property is the right fit for you.  Let’s connect for a virtual coffee chat today. 


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